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Please note;

Your Apple email software should automatically configure your new custom avfc.email address.

In most cases, simply log into your email software, choose the "add new address" option, type in your new custom avfc.email address and your chosen password.

The system should automatically configure your new account.

In the event of any problems, we are here to help.

avfc.email Apple iCloud email upgrade note
The fastest way to configure your iCloud email address to work with your new avfc.email address upgrade is to forward emails from your iCloud address to the new avfc.email address. This means that you will keep your iCloud email address and can also immediately use your new avfc.email address.

Therefore; any emails sent to your iCloud email address will also be delivered to your new avfc.email address.

You can also reply to emails from your iCloud email address or from your new avfc.email address.

When you send an email from - reply to any email from your avfc.email address, the recipient will automatically have your new address.

Upgrade from iCloud to avfc.email

Upgrade to avfc.email

 Then go to your iCloud account
Click the Action Pop Up Menu; Upgrade from iCloud to avfc.email and select Preferences
Then select preferences

Email Upgrade from iCloud to avfc.email

In the General pane select "Forward my Email to"
Enter your avfc.email address
Click "Done""

Upgrade from iCloud to avfc.email

Mail received in your iCloud account will now also be received by your avfc.email account

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